Sellers Home Warranty

Acadiana Real Estate Sellers are provided protection though a home warranty plan. This insurance policy is designed to protect the home owner from major repair bills during the selling process.

There is a small deductable per cliam, usually ranging from the $50 to $60 range. 

The cost associated with a home warranty plan from a dependable provider ranges from around $395 to $625 depending on the coverage chosen.

Acadiana Real Estate suggest that the seller should have the homes systems inspected, especially the heating and air condition units prior to offering your home for sale in the Lafayette or Acadiana Area. 

This inspection will accomplish several very impotant things:

  • This will provide peace of mind for sellers during the buyers home inspection.
  • This will prevent any claim from being turned down by the Home Warranty provider due to a pre-existing condition.
  • This will prevent the buyer from being able to negotiate further after the initial contract, due to repairs both you and your agent are un-aware of. This statistically should provide you with a faster and higher priced sale.

Your seller protection will begin the day your property is listed and will extend through the day of closing, allowing you to transfer this protection to the buyer if you chose. 

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