Full Commission Listing Plan
What is a Full Commission listing?
Acadiana Real Estate full commission listing is an MLS listing designed for sellers who demand guaranteed results and communication second to none while selling their home in the Lafayette, Louisiana or surrounding Acadiana area market.
This type of seller has dealt with other real estate agents or brokers and is quite familiar with the home selling process. They know how much a poor initial marketing campaign can cost them when selling there home.
That's what a full commission listing is all about. Your Acadiana Real Estate Realtor® believes that doing a job right the first time, and accomplishing your goals in a manner to create peace of mind during the home selling transaction is what you deserve when you pay for a full commission listing.
Acadiana Real Estate Full Commission Listing sellers often tell us they have enjoyed the peace of mind and confidence that comes from knowing they have access to accurate information and the professional guidance needed to make good decisions during their entire home selling process. Most importantly they enjoy this from the comfort of their own surrounding, their not the ones having to secure the information, your Acadiana Real Estate Realtor is dedicated and trained to satisfy all of your home selling needs.
Your Acadiana Real Estate Realtor® accomplishes this extraordinary communication with state of the art technology, and carefully forged relationships with highly skilled and recognized real estate professionals and service providers, both on a local and national level.
Are there any other special services?
With your Full Commission Listing you will enjoy a smorgasbord of special services, including but not limited too, a FREE Sellers Warranty Plan, to ensure against unexpected repair bills during the selling process. This won't cover everything, their are limitations to pre-existing conditions, however as you can see, your Acadiana Real Estate Realtor® and the nationally known home warranty company UA Durr is tring to cover everything possible to protect your family during this home selling process.
We'll even save you the cost of providing your buyer with a FREE Buyers Warranty Plan. Since statistics show most buyers pay more for a warranted home, so as to eliminate the risk of an unexpected repair bill after the purchase, you have a great chance of getting a higher price. Just another way your Acadiana Real Estate Realtor® and UA Durr can help maximize your profits and let you sit back and relax, knowing that not only you, but the family purchasing your home will be happy and protected for some time to come!
You may also enjoy the benefits of:
  • Home Inspection
  • Neighborhood sales information
  • Electronic monitoring of showing activity
  • Your own personal web page here on this site
  • Directional sign maintenance
  • unlimited digital photos
  • Virtual Tours 
  • Home inspection management/ required repairs
  • Title company / documentation management
  • Mortgage company requirements, guidence and advice.  
  • Your buyers mortgage company requirements
  • What is the Gold Performance® commission rate?
    The commission rate is 6% - 7%.

    As always you have a choice with your Acadiana Real Estate Realtor®, if your not in need of a home inspection or care to provide a Buyers Home Warranty after consulting with your Realtor®, but fully understand the benefits and the marketing advantages this will provide, then you may choose to go with the 6% full commission listing plan. This will require your signed authorization to eliminate these services and it is not recomended, but your Acadiana Real Estate Realtor® will be there when you're ready to honor all of your needs and requests. 

    Are there any other cost?

    No, there are no additional cost. Your Acadiana Real Estate Realtor® provides all of these services and more for your family's protection for FREE! The only thing left for you to do, is choose the Acadiana Real Estate Realtor® you wish to entrust with protecting your family during the home selling process.

    Do I have to pay the Broker that sells my house a commission too?

    No, Acadiana Real Estate compensates the cooperating broker from the total commission plan you have chosen.
    Does the Full Commission Listing plan include print media advertising?
    Of course its all inclusive, your Acadiana Real Estate Realtor® is familiar with identifying the type of buyers that are likely to buy your home, then Acadiana Real Estate has created through it's advanced technology a target marketing campaign to reach those buyers. This is an important part of marketing your home in the Lafayette, Louisiana or surrounding Acadiana real estate market. Print media adverting can play a key role.
    That's why Acadiana Real Estate takes advantage of all relevant print media advertising. Your house will be advertised in the Sunday Home Finder, The Real Estate Book, Abode and other special print media in an exhausting effort to find the right buyer for your home.
    What about internet exposure online?
    Acadiana Real Estate has spent alot of time and effort developing technology and forging national relationships, all because we realize the internet has quickly become the preferred method for buyers shopping in the Lafayette, Louisiana or surrounding Acadiana real estate market.
    That's why, in addition to our most popular Lafayette real estate web site, Mylafayettehomes.com, multiple photos and your homes best features are uploaded to Realtor.com, the most visited national real estate web site in the country, along with approximately 25 plus local and national websites we have developed relationships with.
    But we don't stop there, we also notify all our relocation partners.  These preferred relocation partners, across the United States frequently have buyers relocating into the Lafayette, Louisiana or surrounding Acadiana area. One of those relocating buyers might be the right buyer for your home.
    Does a Full Commission listing plan include open houses?
    Yes, however with many differnt opinions as to the actual effectiveness of an open house, finding the right buyer for your property is the only focus of your Acadiana Real Estate Realtor®.

    Your home may be held open at the discretion of your Acadiana Real Estate Realtor® as often as necessary (of course with your permission), remember we are here when you're ready!

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